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Company Profile

This is who we are and why we do what we do

We Design Custom Software Solutions for Businesses

LionSoft is a Corpus Christi, Texas based company that builds tools for businesses with the purpose of helping them scale their operations more efficiently. Our engineers are focused on metric-driven, data-first solutions to the problems faced by businesses operating with a 21st-century mentality. Our agile-style development process allows our clients to become a part of the development team, ultimately resulting in reduced cost, and a rock-solid product on delivery.

Web Framework Solutions on
Cloud Architecture
Expertise in Industry Leading Platforms and Standards
Using an Agile
Approach Through Iterative Development

Our Model for Development


At LionSoft we develop using the SCRUM methodologies. SCRUM is about solving a problem as a team, and depends on every member of the team taking responsibility for their piece of the cohesive whole (product). SCRUM allows us to continually innovate in areas that are usually hampered by unproductive meetings and long, repetitive documents. It is our strong belief that solutions to our client’s problems start with the client themselves. If a client doesn’t understand how a problem is being solved, then it is likely we aren’t solving the right problem.

End-to-end Implementation

Mobile, Web, Cloud and everything in between. Our Engineers have the know-how to deliver solutions to the problems you have on the platforms you need.


Weekly and Bi-monthly meetings allow our clients to hold us accountable to deadlines and development goals. These meetings allow us to escape the trap of “board-room solutions” and leverage the extensive knowledge of our clients to solve real-world problems. It is never too early to catch a problem, weekly meetings allow us to catch these problems early, reducing the overall rework cost.


No software is free from bugs, but it is our belief that unit and integration testing can get us close. Our developers build software with a “test first” mentality, and while this approach may lengthen development time, we feel that the trade-off in quality is well worth it.

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Optimize your business with a data-driven approach.

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