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What We Do

Development of data management solutions

A Refined Approach

LionSoft believes that proper data management has the ability to give any business an edge over the competition. With that in mind, simply having the data is not enough. Fully leveraging a companies data requires careful planning and exact execution. To that end LionSoft’s goal is to provide not only the tools necessary but the training and know-how required to use them.

How do we do it?

LionSoft’s approach to comprehensive data management can be broken down into four crucial components:

Aggregation and Collection

An often overlooked step in data management is the actual collection and aggregation of the data itself. While any data is good data, not all data is created equal. The more obfuscated and unstructured the data, the more time and money has to be spent on cleaning and normalization after the fact. Instead of treating data collection as an afterthought LionSoft starts by working with businesses to create an efficient, scalable and realistic data collection strategy, resulting in high-quality raw data.


Normalization, Reporting, and Refinement

Now that we have high-quality data, how do we capitalize on it? The answer is in cleaning, normalizing and adequately structuring our data. But what exactly is data structuring? We’re glad you asked. Data Structuring is the process of converting all the raw numbers (our data points) into charts, graphs, and reports. LionSoft largely automates this process so that this component is unseen by the end-user.


Distribution and Accessibility

The third and largely forgotten component of proper data management is the distribution of the structured data. People tend to think that after a report or graph has been created, the job is done. However, at LionSoft we know that is only half the battle. The magic of data management is in the insights gained from closely analyzing the structured data. LionSoft’s report distribution system ensures that your structured data is where it needs to be for the right decisions to be made.


Automated Analyses

Okay, so we’ve collected the data, cleaned and structured it, and distributed it to the people that need it. In most company’s book, this is chalked up to a win. However, LionSoft takes it one step further with automated analyses and insights. Our software does the heavy lifting and looks for key insights that may have been missed through traditional data analysis. This results in time (and ultimately money) saved for you and your company.

Solving Data Management Issues

Utilizing custom software development applicable to your specific problem


Having a mobile presence in today’s “always connected” era is absolutely crucial for customer engagement. However, most businesses fail to realize that consumer mobile applications are only the beginning of what is possible in the mobile ecosystem. LionSoft helps businesses take full advantage of these possibilities by helping them to implement mobile solutions inside and out. Services include mobile application development, mobile metric analytics, and mobile hosting and management.

In a time when competition is on the rise and every customer wants a cloud solution, LionSoft helps businesses navigate the confusing waters of cloud development with confidence. Our engineers design every solution to take advantage of the current cloud offering with an emphasis on modular development through micro-serviced architectures. Through the extensive use of cloud technologies, we are able to deliver your data where and when you need it.

How can you take advantage of IoT?

The Internet of Things is a wide variety of wifi-enabled and network connected devices. These devices are often used for specific types of data collection such location and personnel tracking. At LionSoft we think IoT has the potential to usher in some of the biggest innovations in data-collection and management.

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